Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Mongolian Lamb Stool

This is on my 'to do' list! Isn't it absolutely fabulously lovely? This diy was made by Nadia at Preciously Me.
Visit her site for the tutorial.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Design Spotlight: Henri Bendel


I'm picturing bringing a little Christmas cheer to my work area with the snow globe and mug. OK, the mug isn't Christmas-y but it's perfect for some hot cocoa. So it fits.:D  I was sole-d by the soles of those loafers! And you could diy your own with some sharpy paint pen badness! The nutcracker fashionista says it all!

 2012 Henri Bendel Nutcracker
 Sole Ambition Loafers
 Choose Me Mug

Monday, December 17, 2012

Design Spotlight: Mineheart

I came onto this site by Mineheart. Let me tell you, I H.E.A.R.T Mineheart!
After you see their whimsical offerings of persian cow hide rugs, sea art, and wallpaperings, you'll 
see why!


 All of the images are of wallpaper except images 2,4,and 5. 2 is magnetic feathers. 4 is whimsical art of a girl who is entranced by the sea. Did you notice her octopus piggy tails and the ship in her hair? I LOVE it!
And 5 is an amazing cow hide rug with persian print on it. There is more to be seen at their site. Mineheart

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hacked Again!

I didn't want to have to post this because it's embarrassing, but it may be necessary due to the fact that the last time something close to this happened to me, a hacker sent out porn to everyone on my email list from my email! That was about 10 years ago.

This is my blog and I can't take that chance. First, let me say if you received or do receive porno email from me in the next few days. ITS NOT FROM ME!

Yesterday, I went to log on my computer only to find the password was changed. When I finally got back in to my computer, little weird things would happen. Like I would be working on a post or comment and my words would get erased, or  other websites would pop up that I didn't click on. It was really annoying to say the least. My mouse was acting wonky and the cursor would just go all over the place.

Let's just say websites that you wouldn't want to pop up started popping up on my computer and as hard as I tried to click off of them it didn't go off right away. I ended up downloading a windows cleaner to get the funky, nasty, images off my computer and running AVG. AVG did find a trojan, though I can't see how since I mainly only visit blogs and online stores. I'm pretty careful what I let my computer get used for.

I'm not sure exactly what happened but this morning I awoke to a message saying I was signed out of my designfluff account on Yahoo for "routine maintenance" and I needed to sign back in.

I've never in all my years been signed out of yahoo for "routine maintenance" and after what I went through yesterday I felt suspicious about signing back in. So I clicked off the message and my regular email was right underneath of that message, and it was never signed out of!  So, suffice to say it looks like someone was phishing for my password!

I wrote all that to say, if you received something through email inappropriate. It's not from DesignFluff as I was hacked. And just be careful about phishing because that is what  appears to have happened this morning. If it seems odd, check it out first.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Gifts Worth Gifting

curbly diy neon vases
2diy cardboard deer reindeer bhg diy pouf3                                                                                                                                                       
110113 stick horses4
Martha Stewart studded bracelet diy                                                                                                   

centsationalgirl cuttingboards_27
 martha stewart map coasters8
westelm diy poufs
tori spelling chalk mug10candy cane soap11
farmhouse desk diy12

 This was originally scheduled for Friday, but I thought with everyone so busy, and these being diy gifts, you are going to need as much advanced time as you can get to pick up your materials.

 I was hoping to have my new pillow made to share here in the DIY list but I have been so busy! There is not enough time in the day. Look forward to a few new pillow tutorials. I'm not going to pinpoint a date as I've learned not to do that anymore!

 The key to making all of these a successful DIY gift is to customize them to the recepients. Choosing the right color for their decor, fabric, etc...and of course pouring all of your time, energy, and love into making these look just as wonderful as they do in the pictures!

1) Paint Dipped Flower Vases
2) Diy Deer Head
3) BHG Pretty Pouf
4) Riding Stick Horses
5) Gold Leafed Paper Mache Bowls
6) Handmade Studded Jewelry
7) DIY Wood Cutting Boards
8) Map Coasters
9) $3 Dollar Ikea Floor Mat to Fabulous Floor Pouf
10) Tori Spelling Chalkboard Mug   (She has a decor/diy blog? I know!)
11) Candy Cane Soap
12) Farmhouse Trestle Desk (Ok, so someone is going to have to be really good to get this!)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Black, White, Gold, Cafe, and Silver Bedroom Design Board

This is a room that I started out designing of a boutique hotel room, and ended up being something I want for my own bedroom. I love the juxtaposition of the modern black and white stripe pillow against the gold curtains and how the bed's headboard serves as the perfect backdrop to host the pillow and let it pop. The black and white pillows, beds, and lucite dresser help make this room fun and keep it from being too heavy on the traditional side. The metallic elements, lucite, and lamb skin rug bring the glam factor. This room is the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

Black and White Stripe Pillow
No Boundaries Metro Girl Pillow
Corinth Rug  
John Salibello Lucite Dresser
Pottery Barn Butterscotch Faux Fur
Raina Rug
Twin Grace Beds
Lazy Susan Gold Metallic Faux Pony Tray
Hepburn Floor Lamp
Globe Pendant
Deco 22 inch Charcoal Gray Pillow
Imperial Stripe Grommet Curtain, Gold
Chrysantha Wall Mirror, Hollywood Glam
Bamboo Throw Pillow (Made in USA guys!)
Crystal Skull
                                                                                                         linking up here                                                                            

I wanted to include a close up of the gold metallic faux pony tray. It's simply too gorgeous not to see the details of this glam piece.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Glam Gift Guide (Mostly Under $100)


Heart Birch Cuff AnthropologieAnthropologie gold dipped CrystalBlushing Watch AnthropologieNimble Chain Scarf Anthropologie
La-Sardina-33mm-Camera anthropologiea226176Marc Jacobs Toggle BraceletKate Spade Bangle Bracelet
il_fullxfull.352360747_tvwlJuicy Couture Leather Wrap Around BraceletcuffJuicy Pyramid Gold Cuff Braceleti- purse z gal glam gift guidepBCBG1-13834421enh-z6anthropologie Leather White Gold Viper JournalBCBG Gold Studded Piggy Bank
Starting from Top:   Frends Layla Gold
Heart Birch Cuff Bracelet-Anthropologie, Gold Dipped Crystal Collector’s Charm-Anthropologie, Blushing Watch-Anthropologie, Nimble Chain Scarf-Anthropologie
La Sardina 33mm Camera-Anthropologie, Josie Maran Holiday Argan Oil Crystal Lip Cream Set, Marc Jacobs Multi-Leather Toggle Bracelet-Bloomingdales, Kate Spade Locked in Bangle Bracelet-Bloomingdales
Made by Girl Original Art Work, Juicy Couture Heavy Metal Skinny Leather Wrap Around Bracelet-Bloomingdales, Cara Pyramid Leather Cuff-Bloomingdales, Juicy Couture Heavy Metal Pyramid Cuff Bracelet-Bloomingdales,
i-purse-ZGallerie, BCBG Studded Smart Phone Case-BCBG Max Azria, Leather Gold Viper Journal- Anthropologie,
BCBG Gold Studded Piggy Bank- BCBG Max Azria

Ok, I was going to make a full list then I came across this fantabulous gift guide already put together by some of your favorite bloggers and when I saw all of the amazing picks, and several would be on my own list, I decided to save myself the effort and just share this instead.  One of the things I love about this gift guide is the sources it gives for some gifts that I wouldn’t have known even existed. You will definitely want to check it out!

Here is the link to the guide:

Here are some of my picks from the guide:
Anthro Silver Appaloosa Tote
++I’m not into zodiac and psychic type things, I just really love the art.

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Sorry to those that are reading this post twice. I seem to be having some tech difficulties with Blogger. Somehow this post was originally posted on Nov. 28 and was reposted today.