Monday, October 3, 2011

My Dollar Tree Halloween Mantel

Hi everyone!  I've been working on some projects and by far the easiest one is my Dollar Tree Halloween Mantel. I basically worked with things I already had and added the rest from the store. Everything was basically under 11 bucks!  I bought some grey creepy cloth, a couple of black crows, and a few cemetery head stones to make my own tiny graveyard.  I threw in my large glass bubble from CB2 to make a Crystal Ball and.... Voile.  It's a pretty decent seasonal mantel on the super cheap. There is nothing terribly creative about this mantel. But it is quick and cheap and doesn't really require you to make much of anything. I love the idea of bringing the CB2 bubble in.

One more thing....the 3 candlestick holders were from the Dollar Tree as well and we just used some Mod Podge and Martha Stewart Onyx glitter and did a simple transformation to something a little more festive:)

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