Monday, October 17, 2011

My Painted Pumpkins

The white on the books was my way of erasing text to preserve my online identity.
The theme of my living and dining rooms are black and white. So, I decided to do black and white painted pumpkins. They didn't turn out exactly how I'd like but they are cute enough. Besides, I don't feel like re-doing them:)

My advice to anyone painting pumpkins is don't use latex paint, it peels. If you do decide to use latex paint, I used black latex for the black victorian cameo pumpkin, then be careful not to rub it against anything else. As a matter of fact it doesn't matter what paint you use cause it comes off easy regardless. I used spray paint on the white and metallic pumpkins and no matter which brand (I used a cheap dollar spray paint for the white pumpkin and Krylon metallic spray paint for the little one) it still chips off easy. So, just be careful about moving them very much. Also, make sure whatever paint you use is matte. I didn't realize that the black and white paints were gloss paints and it made them a little funky looking:)  Matte paint would definitely be the best for a project like this, it's easier to hide the flaws of the pumpkins bumpy surface.
My victorian cameo pumpkin.

For my Victorian Cameo Pumpkin I downloaded a stencil from a really cool site I just found called, "The Graphics Fairy". It's such an awesome site, she has tons of amazing vintage graphics you can print out for free! I printed out a silhouette and then cut it out and used stick pins to pin it to my pumpkins. I got inspiration for this pumpkin and the Jack Skellington Pumpkin (below) from HGTV.
Anyhow, after stick pinning the silhouette to the pumpkin I stick pinned some black ruffles around the white edge to give a nice even finish and pinned a white ribbon to the bottom.

For my Jack Skellington Pumpkin, my husband and I cut out felt and hot glued it on for the mouth (see below). And that's it guys! What type of pumpkins did you do this year? Would you consider painting a pumpkin or are you more of a traditionalist and carve?


  1. I love the Jack Skellington pumpkin! How cute! I much prefer to paint pumpkins of otherwise decorate them and only offer one pumpkin up for elaborate carving (done by my husband and son) - I like to use all of the un-carved pumpkins we gather for making our pumpkin rolls and pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies... LOL ;)

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I thought about that as well (using all parts of the pumpkins for treats).