Sunday, October 23, 2011

Z-Gallerie Inspired Felt Rosette Pillow

First, notice that the title of this post is Z Gallerie INSPIRED pillow. It's definitely inspired , cause this puppy looks nothing like the original. :(  If you are a fan of Z-Gallerie then you probably already know about this pillow.

And you probably already know that it's no longer available. I really wanted this pillow! Man, did I want this pillow
!  I just didn't get to the point where i could justify the 40 or 50 dollar price tag. So, today I decided to try and make my own.

If you've read my other posts, you know by now that something went wrong in making this pillow. This seems to be a regular happening around here. So much so that I have thought about changing this blog's name from "Design Fluff" to " This Ain't Martha's House." Anyhow, the pillow didn't turn out like Z Gallerie's pillow but it did turn out. So, without further ado here is my new pillow.....

The second photo is the actual color. It's a very dark black and in person it's very lovely. My photo taking skills are in definite need of improvement. I included the other 2 photos so you could see the detail.

If you want to make this pillow all you have to do is make your pillow form. We talked about this at this posting: Cut out your rose petals they should look something like this:
Pinch and sew the flat end of the petal together. They should look something like this:
Make a center for your rose. You can just take some fabric and twist it around itself and hot glue it. Here is a photo:
Now take your petals and glue them around the center til you get the amount you want on your pillow front.

BTW, If you make a mess with your hot glue on the seam you can always put some sort of decorative edging around the pillow seams to hide. (No one has to know!)

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