Monday, December 26, 2011

DIY Easy Peasy Drum Shade Chandelier

Hope your Holidays went well. I took quite a break from blogging. I wasn't really trying to, but it seemed I had so much going on with projects for the blog, holidays, and just plain roadblocks in getting the projects done that it took a little while to get my project up and posted!  Anyhow, here is a really easy peasy and cheap drum shade you can make yourself!


2 quilting hoops of your choice of shape and size
1 large piece of plexiglass
Material of your choice
Glue sticks and glue gun


Cut your plexiglass in half. There are several ways to go about this. Apparently they have a scoring tool just for this. I didn't use one. My hubs simply cut it in half very slowly. It did splinter all the way down, which was nerve wracking, but it didn't shatter.

Next, unscrew the outer ring from the inner ring of the quilting hoop. You will want to use the 2 inner rings together, which is why you are buying 2 hoops instead of using one. This way you won't have the ugly screw and blocks on your drum shade.

Now hot glue the outer edges of your plexiglass to the inside ring of the quilting hoops.

I learned to use quilting hoops from the keylor family blog .  However, I improvised on the directions for myself, so that is why I'm doing my own tutorial. You can use either tutorial, depending on your needs. 

My dining room is in it's infant stages of being made-over so don't judge people! :)
BTW, this is a super cheap alternative to purchasing a large drumshade. This drumshade is 27 inches if I remember right. The plexiglass was 6 dollars if I remember right, and it was huge! You can use a coupon and get it 40 percent off what I paid. Do the same for the quilting hoops! I believe the quilting hoops were 3.99 and you can use a 50 percent off coupon at JoAnn's Fabric and only pay 2 bucks a pop! Then grab a 40 or 50 percent coupon for JoAnn's and buy your fabric.

Now it's time to cover your shade with fabric!

Glue the fabric edge inside the shade. Use the wood ring as your guide. Make sure the fabric is taught when doing the other side, so there are no funky wrinkles in your fabric.

You are going to want to line your shade so it doesn't look all funky inside. Don't worry if I can do it, ANYONE can.  Just cut the size you need for the inside and hot glue into place.

Hubby's hand. He wanted to help glue it!

Cut away in excess fabric. Now it's time for the bias tape to give it a nice finish.

Ok, now take a lint brush and brush off all the lint. I had found a way to hang the shade, but not til I had already finished. So I had to go along with the Keylor's for how they hung theirs. With 2 wood strips at the top.

It's not the most attractive option but I wasn't about to spend hundreds on a shade so I went with it.
I took a yardstick and cut it in half. Covered it with fabric and hot glued it over the Ikea Filsta light pendant I already had. I didn't glue it to the Ikea filsta, I glued the wood strips over top.

And that's it! An uber cheap easy peasy drum shade! You made it with your own 2 little hands and your hubby's if your lucky:)

I'm working on another shade as we speak and it's not going to be anything like you've seen in blog world. Well, at least I haven't seen anything like it yet, not a diy on it anyways. So, don't forget to come back by next week and check it out!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Drum Shades Coming Your Way

I've been working on so much, but not posting. I know, I know. I've made, from scratch, a huge drum shade for super cheap. I can't wait to share it with everyone. I haven't put it up yet because I'm an idiot when it comes to wiring. The electrical I'm putting up only has 2 wires. The electrical I'm hooking it up to has like 5 or more. Yikes!  So, someone is suppose to come over this week and help out with it!  In the mean time I'm working on things so I can get them up and posted soon!  Check back for this project by the weekend. Hopefully, *crossing fingers*, everything goes smoothly.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free Greek Key and Other Stencils

I've been working on a makeover in my living room and dining room and thought about stenciling. I've really been wanting a Greek Key Stencil.  I've noticed, after Googling, that there is only one free greek key stencil available from GARDNERS 2 BERGERS , and it wasn't the one I needed. It is lovely, though!  So, I came up with this:
At GARDNERS 2 BERGERS she lists a source where you can generate your own Greek key. That site is where I got my stencils from. The man that owns the site says that the Greek key is in the public domain and you may use whatever designs you wish on there except for the ones noted. So, I used what he had on there and edited it a little so that I can use it for what I need it for.

In my search for a free stencil I came across a couple of others that I'd like to share with you.  At tatertots & jello she has a free quatrefoil stencil.
At Jones Design Company she has a Moroccan style free printable painted wallpaper template .

At they lists many designs that can be used free, even for commercial purposes. I haven't downloaded from that site so use at your own risk.

I'll update this page should I find more! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY Free Octopus Art

You can grab this cuttlefish at the Graphics Fairy

 Here are some photos I altered with the above graphic at the online Picnik photo editing program:
You see this print a lot nowadays, the cuttlefish.  According to the Graphics Fairy a lot of people assume it's an octopus, I know I did.
All photos are from Plasticland except the bottom right hand photo, which is a photo I took of some plates at Marshalls.

  I thought it would be fun to manipulate the photo with Picnik and see all of the different takes I could come up with for this graphic.  These are just a few I've come up with.  I'm sure the possibilites are endless!  I know you could, should you choose to, manipulate these into better looking images than I can! I'd love to see whatever you come up with!

  You could Mod Podge your image on the bottom of a glass plate, or even onto a serving tray. Or, you could download the print you made to a disc and take it into Staples and let them enlarge it to poster size.  Perhaps make cute coasters, which is what I think I'm going to do.  The 5th image down looks perfect for a t-shirt.

  I really like the third image down that I made/manipulated. I'm thinking about printing it out for my living room. Of course, I'll need to fix the spelling error on it first. Ha! I know it's not cuddlefish!

You, of course, may use any of the images I manipulated should you want to! 
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working On Something Great

Hello everyone. Hope this Christmas Season is going well for you:) I haven't posted in a week, but not because I'm not working on anything. I have a lot of projects going on right now. I was ready to post something today but it was a design fail:( However, I'm working on the solution and can not wait to share it with you soon!

In the mean time this Thursday I plan on sharing how to get quality art and frames for your home at a fraction of the price!