Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Switch to Intense Debate (Comment Luv) Comments in Blogger

You've seen some of your favorite Word Press Blogs use it and wondered why they don't have something so cool for Blogger. Well Comment Luv is available for Blogger. Here is a quick tutorial to get you started:

1) Sign up for a free account at Intense Debate.  HERE
2) Sign in to your Intense Debate Account.
3) Click "Sites" tab. Select "Add/Blog Site"

 4) Type in your Blog spot address
 5) Click "Next Step"

Notice in the above photo at the top of the page that there are 3 steps. They skipped step 2 and took you directly to step 3, Installation. That's because they use to offer a widget to add to your layout and easily install Comment Luv. Now they only offer the Template Version.

6) Choose "All new posts (Recommended)"

This is so that all of your previous post's comments will stay visible. Only new posts will have the new commenting system installed. This is OK though. You will still receive comments on your old posts in the blogger commenting system.

One more thing you may want to know, you will not receive a notification in your blogger comments section for your Comment Luv enabled posts.  All comment notifications for Comment Luv will go directly to your email. You will still however receive comment notifications on Blogger for your older posts.

 As you can see in the above photo they pretty much walk you step-by-step through the rest of the process. So, I'll leave it at that.

**I'm by no means an expert on this. There are those that want to know how it's done on some of the Blogger blogs and I've shared with you what I know. If you require any more additional assistance after installation, please contact Intense Debates as they are more qualified to help you. 

**I seem to have lost all of my comments, again. Not sure why I have the wonkiest commenting system on Blogger, but if any of you needed me to get back to you about something, you can re-post here now that I have gotten rid of intense debates. Perhaps the change back to blogger caused me to lose the comments. Sorry!

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