Monday, December 10, 2012

Stocking Stuffers for the Glam DIY’er

3399011sephora gold houndstooth mirror2
multicolor rub-n-buff 6 pack3Sephora It's Real 18K top coat OPI4
Philosophy Cabana Girl Coral Lip5spikes studs6
alterna caviar travel duo7Sephora black-and-white stripes houndstooth brush set8
Sephora 24k Gold tweezer9Alterna caviar champagne gold shimmering spray hair10
leopard hot glue gun hobby lobby11GC-Noel
Most of these picks are 10 dollars and under
1. Krylon Gold Leafing Pen (For the diy’er and artistically inclined. Pick it up at Michael’s)
2. Sephora Gold Houndstooth  mirror
3. 6 pack of metallic rub-n-buff
4. Sephora It’s Real 18 kt Top Coat OPI
5. Philosophy Cabana Girl in Coral
6. Studs and Spikes to embellish whatever your feeling.
7. Alterna Caviar Travel Duo
8. Sephora Collection Brush Wand Set
9. Sephora Collection 24K Gold Tweezer
10. Caviar Glitterati Sparkling Champagne Spray
11. Leopard Hot Glue Gun
12. Gift Card Hobby Lobby or Michael’s

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  1. I think one of each is called for C:

  2. I can't believe I didn't know that leopard glue gun existed. My life has been meaningless until now!

    1. LOL. I didn't know about it either til several days ago.:)