Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet Jane And An Apartment Therapy Homies Award Nomination

Hello all! I wanted to let you know that I nominated Jane, from Jane's Adventures in Dinner, for a Homie award from Apartment Therapy. She will be listed under the "Best Recipes" section. So, please go over today and vote! She is an amazing woman with mad cooking skills and delightful conversation.  She has some of the best gourmet comfort food type recipes that literally will have your stomach growling when you leave her blog. I know mine does! Seriously! She's also very creative and seems to be able to invent delicious things on the fly to eat, which really takes talent!

On top of that, she usually gives you a little bit of herself and history with each meal which makes it a delight to read, it's almost like she's a friend there at your house with you making conversation, and she keeps it sweet and simple. Here are some of the recipes that I love best from her blog:

Cheater's Beef Bourguignon

A special treat from Julia Child's original recipe simplified so that it can be made any day of the week!


Croque Monsieur Hand Pies

"Yummy bread, ham, swiss and a flavoured white sauce over the top. 
Ooey, gooey, needing time to savour and not to be rushed.......I started with a really thick bechamel sauce."
The above was written in Jane's own words. Need I say more? *Sigh* BTW, so far these are my favorite.:)

Stew Two Ways

Oh, my! If  your mouth isn't watering at this image, you need to check your pulse! : D

I Had A Yen.....

I wanted crispy skin (sounds gross and wonderful at the same time), garlic, ginger, honey…
Oh, and maybe some booze.
I started with a plump chicken and 1 cup of sake.

Ok, honestly, she had me at booze with this one.

Cream Buns Take Two!

"This actually turned out to be my favourite version.  Don’t get me wrong-I really liked the ice cream and all those fresh berries but this version lets me use my blow torch and any of you who read this blog regularly know that [...]"
Ok, she had me at blowtorch, with this one.

And last for this blog, but not last that I love........

It All Started With...............

I make it with raw sugar, chunks of dark chocolate and whole milk.
                      Have you ever had a decadent bread made with homemade hot chocolate?

Ok, by now you are really hungry and have forgotten the point of this post is to meet an amazing blogger with crazy cooking and blogging talent. So, stop by her blog and say hello! She has 3 years worth of recipes to peruse!                                         

 And if you like, go vote at Apartment Therapy for Jane's Adventures in Dinner under the Best Recipe listing. 



  1. Thanks SO much, can't say enough how much I appreciate it.

    1. You're welcome.:) I feel you deserve it. People are reading the article according to my stats, so hopefully they are voting, too.:)

  2. Hi Lucy,
    Food glorious food. You are a God-send because I am in the middle of a 30-day no-repeat recipe challenge. This helps me out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    1. Hey Karina,
      I'm glad this helps you out! You'll find Jane's blog a big help and it's fun to read and simple! I can't wait to start putting her recipes to use when I have more time and ability. Right now it's just a good place to go and drool!