Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sun Room Makeover Update

We hit a painting snag. Ricky and I know how to paint the perfect stripe on smooth walls, however these very uneven wood walls we are painting over in our sunroom have proven to be a pain in the buttock, the left one.

On top of that my camera's battery is somewhere within a million boxes in the living room so we had to use the kid's 3DS for update pics, obviously the 3Ds isn't the best device to use for photos, so sorry for the poor photo quality. Hopefully I'll find my camera battery soon so I can take a proper photo!


DO NOT forget to wear a bra when snapping your 3DS XL shut! You may clamp your nipple in the process. Just sayin'......

Why yes, that is a bunch of unpacked boxes in my dining room. Thank you for noticing. : p

I had hoped to show the whole room painted but we are trying new tape and having to repaint things, so we are behind on everything.

Hopefully, next week I"ll show you the whole room painted and the week after that hopefully the moulding put up with window updates.

If your new here, here is some art I bought for the sunroom makeover.

Hopefully visually crisp photos next week!
Now if you will excuse me I"m going to the ER to have something checked out.



  1. First of all, your 3DS mishap sounds very very painful...yikes! And secondly your stripes look so pretty! And I love those doors into your dining room. I've never seen folding doors like that with glass- they look so unique. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry for the super late comment! It was painful but really just so funny at the same time, I'm known to get myself in some of the strangest predicaments. I really love the doors, too! They are almost my favorite part of the whole house! The stripes are a pain in the rear, though! It is so hard painting on walls that have uneven knots in the wood!