Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grown Up Stuffed Bacon Maple Caramel Apples: FAIL

We wanted to make our version of a grown up caramel or candied apple for Halloween. Unfortunately, it sucks and I have no post for you today. So, just to have something to put up I'll show you our apple and why it sucks, though I'm sure the photo is self explanatory. :D

I think this could at least give someone some inspiration to come up with a working recipe or at least tell you what NOT to do.

This has to be the grottiest caramel apple I've never had the pleasure of eating

First, we hollowed out a few granny smith apples. We then rubbed the insides with grass fed butter and organic true cinnamon and baked at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, so far, so good. We forgot to pick up aluminum foil to cover it so the hubs covered it with a glass dish that fell and squashed the apples and we were left with some pretty tasty applesauce.

On the bright side, this is the second cooking accident this week that taught us how to make something we weren't trying to make (you'll see the other happy accident in a future post).


Start over. We baked the apples for 30 minutes. This time they were firmer yet tender enough to eat with a fork. We placed caramel sheets (pressed for time so we used sheets) over the apples and made a mixture of  pecans and bacon to roll them in.  I wanted a candied bacon and hubby didn't listen and just fried up some turkey bacon. Turkey bacon doesn't crisp right so it looked like an apple rolled in meat which is gross. 

My husband isn't a chef but he took some classes in college and really he should have known better but he was being stubborn, by his own admission, I'm not husband bashing here. I think it all boils down to he was really hungry and took it out on the apples.

Anyhow, you take and chop the candied bacon really small, about the size of the crushed pecan pieces you'll be adding to the mixture. Next roll the caramel apples in the mixture. Take vanilla ice cream, the remaining pecan/candied bacon mixture, some real maple syrup, and mix it all together and stuff the apples. You then garnish the top with whip cream and a little cinnamon or even apple pie spice.

However, our ice cream melted and so did the whip cream because it took forever to try and get a photo. It was dark outside and for whatever reason the picture just would not come out right no matter how much I adjusted the aperature and ISO. Of course you need to use a tripod because of adjusting the ISO and/or aperature makes your pictures come out all blurry and wow, luck would have it that someone broke the tripod which we didn't know til that moment.

So we focused on the apple cocktail we were making and when it came time to garnish, it turns out the garnish was gone.

At that point I gave up and didn't bother styling the table.

Talk about bad luck.


Edit: What makes this the biggest post disaster in the history of blogging is that I rushed the post for absolutely no reason, so we could have saved the apple and had time to figure it out right. I thought it was Sunday night (my posts usually are scheduled for Mondays), when really it was Saturday night.
I never posts on weekends because no one, including myself, usually posts or reads blogs on weekends, except apparently Meredith. :D


  1. Sorry things didn't go as planned. :( At least you tried! Maybe next time? XO

    1. Hi, Meredith! How are you? I was just getting ready to delete this post. I realized I rushed the post because I thought today was Monday. So, I really didn't need to even post it at all and rushed the apple for no reason.

  2. O..M...G this looks sinfully de-lish! Wow.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

    1. Thanks, Ali. They were a big fail, but I'm glad you liked them.:)