Monday, December 2, 2013

Hostess Gifts

l adore a lot of the celebratory decor available this year.  For instance the bubbly decanter and plates or the playful Kate Spade champagne coin purse. There is so much to choose from! What makes it all the more fabulous is that it’s in metallic.


Are there any special holiday baubles or d├ęcor you are especially fond of this year?


  1. I love the bubbly plates! These are all so fab!

  2. Love the decanter and that coin purse is super cute!

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I like metallics during the holidays and since becoming a mom, I can appreciate them more, especially since my girls are at an age where they like "shiny" and "sparkly" things. The decanter is gorgeous. I would have to keep it away from my husband. Breakables seem to break when he's around. :)


  4. The decanter is my favorite, but everything is so pretty and exciting. You always have your fingers on the pulse of what's new. XOXO

  5. You are right that decanter and plates are just divine! Love them.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. Hmmm...I haven't been eyeing any holiday decor this year. The ones I find are kind of tacky. Something I have noticed about you is your one of those people who can find some awesome pieces!