Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sorry For The Lack Of Posts!

Hi guys,
I have projects to share and posts to do but we unexpectedly recently found out we have to move! And I have been looking for a place like mad. Posting is going to slow down for just a short while until after our move.

Although a lot of you don't comment, I can see you're still stopping by, so thanks for that, and things will be back to normal soon, Lord willing. :D

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Geometric Shapes Trending in 2013 Interior Design

I'm not sure if you've noticed or not but what started in 2012 with geometric patterns in fashion and design, is continuing strong into 2013. It is the year of graphic prints and geometric shapes. You can see the trend popping up everywhere.

Isn't this gorgeous?  This room is via Holly Brooke Jones.
I'm not being paid for this, I simply L.O.V.E. this design and fantabulous dining room! You can purchase this stencil at an amazing price at her Etsy shop "CuteStencils."

WoodSmithe Timber & Ore Geometric Stool
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This geometric beauty is the Umbra coffee table from Anthropologie

Pearl Polyhedron Paper Vase via Urban Analog Etsy Shop

Polyhedron Wood Candlesticks Urban Analog
Snugvase High by SnugStudio on Etsy
Fort Standard Terrarium

Cage Pendant CB2
Honefoss Geo Mirror pack of 10 Ikea

I have a couple of geometric diy's coming up for ya. So check back!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Faux Leather Metallic Gold Chevron Pillow DIY

 I entered this post in the Pinterest Challenge via Young House Love. You can go to their site and view the projects they've completed  here. As well as a few others participating, here for Katie from Bower Power, here for Megan via the Remodeled Life, and here for Michelle at Decor and the Dog!

I'm not big on the chevron trend. I think I've seen it one too many times. However, sometimes it's just about mixing a tired trend up a little so that you can love it again. Which brings me to metallic chevron, I actually really like it!

Charm City Cakes
Caitlin Wilson Designs

Coach Madison Leather Chevron Audrey Bag from a couple years back.

Chevron is still big in the fashion world, and it's well known that what's in in fashion usually translates over to interior design.

When I saw the metallic gold chevron pillow from Caitlin Wilson Designs, I thought it was gorgeous. The price tag was more than I was going to pay for a pillow, so I diy'ed my own. It's not identical, truth be told, I like hers better, but this is not a bad alternative.

You'll need:

1. Faux leather (you won't get the metallic sheen with your paint pen if you use normal fabric)
2. sewing machine
3. Krylon gold leafing pen
4. Pencil
5. A good eraser
6. Straight edge with measurements 

First thing first, cut out your fabric and very lightly with your pencil, draw this grid onto the right side of your leather: 
Though not shown here, my pillow is 18"x 18". So, I drew 6 rows and columns of 3inch squares. It ended up being larger than I really wanted.

 Now just draw a line from one corner to the next in each square, like in the image below:
There are several of these chevron tutorials using grids. I'm not sure who is the originator, but I made this one so I'm using it.

Then fill in each half square with your Krylon gold leafing pen. Some areas will be streaky. Just let it dry and pass over it again.
If you make a mistake, simply take a little rubbing alcohol and q-tip, add a little pressure and blot up with something dry. It comes right off! This works with pencil marks, too. Hopefully you made your grid light enough that it only needs a little eraser.
Now you're your very own textile designer. Give yourself a pat on the back. : D

Now it's time to make the pillow.

To sew a very easy envelope style pillow that is frequently dubbed the 10 minute pillow, you can follow one of these 3 tutorials:


This was my first envelope pillow and it is so very easy!

And voile! You have your own metallic chevron pillow on the cheap!
I really wish I made the print thinner, it ended up too big for my taste.

That's just one of many designs I have in my mind to put on these pillows. Here is one of the next:

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I'm entering this in the Pinterest Challenge via Young House Love!