Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peacock and Gold Christmas Tablescape

I'm loving my Christmas tablescape this year. It's inspired by gold and peacocks. I love both!  I'm so glad gold is making a comeback. It's been a long time coming.  Don't get me wrong, I love silver. But it seems silver is all I've seen for years now. It's a nice change and I think it goes quite well with my peacock inspired theme.

My centerpiece was frugally done. I grabbed some branches from the backyard.  My husband painted them gold with some acrylic paint I had on hand. We placed teal blue and gold ribbon of different widths throughout the branches. I purchased a box of crystals from Marshalls to complete the look.

I was finishing my table up and decided I needed just a couple of finishing touches. I added 2 white resin birds. I love white. You'll probably always see pops of white wherever I decorate:)

Everything is finished. The lighting was bad today in my home. For that reason, I added something called a glamour glow to the photo to lighten it up.

Costs breakdown:
Plates were all free. I already owned them. CB2
Gold leafed chargers 6 total- $1.00 a piece from the Dollar Tree
Butterflies a pack of 4- $9.99 from Marshalls
Mercury glass votive holders 4 total- $3.99 a piece. Marshalls
Table Runner- Free and it was actually a scarf I used.
Ribbon- Free (already had on hand)
Peacocks 2 total- 5.95 a piece from Pier One
LED tealight candles- Free (already owned them) Home Goods
Silverware- Free (already owned) Home Goods
Mid-Century modern vase -Free (had that puppy for years now)  Pier One
Wine glasses box of 12- $10.99 Marshalls
Crystals one box- $6.99 Marshalls
Paint- Free (already had on hand)
Spray paint- I wasn't sure whether or not to include this in the cost breakdown. The spray paint was originally for the branches centerpiece. The color I chose was champagne. When the branches were sprayed it came out as a silvery color instead of champagne, which is not what I was going for. So, I used pure gold acrylic paint over the champagne and this is the color I decided to go with.
2 Resin Birds- $5.99 for the pack. Marshalls
                                                     Total: $67.82 without tax


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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dress Your Home and Wedding with Origami

Do you remember making Origami fortune tellers when you were in elementary school? I loved making Origami projects when I was in school. I've seen a lot of  projects around the web and thought it would be inspiring and fun, for those inclined with the patience to do so, to look at these projects and attempt a couple yourself. And while I'm sure you won't be reading into the future with these anytime soon, it will definitely make for cool home decor on the cheap.                                                                    


Origami Horse, Rhino, and Giraffe via Z Gallerie

                                  Make Your Own:

via lolosad pictures


http://www.algorithm.co.il/blogs/origami/origami-rhino-instructions/      http://dev.origami.com/images_pdf/rhino.pdf         http://www.fishgoth.com/origami/diagrams/rhino.pdf   

Via Origami


                                                Paper Lantern:
You'll find the tutorial at the3rsblog
Can you believe this amazing lantern was made with 100's of fortune tellers?          

Speaking of fortune tellers, check out this wedding invitation diy:
Via Kat's Krafts
One Stylish Bride suggests making your own and even using them for wedding favors, programs, or menus. You can download a template from her site.

How about all the different things you could make with Kusudama flowers?

Tutorial for Kusudama flowers via Folding Trees

Read about Kusudama Fever via Paper Crave
Read more about this Origami Christmas Wreath made by Flickr user Malia at Folding Trees.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nifty Finds Around the Blogosphere and Etsy!

Recently, I've run across some nifty little projects around the Blogosphere and Etsy. I'm amazed at how cute and creative people are these days. I just want to eat you all up with a fork and mustard:)

I'm sure you've seen these cute little mustache cups around. Over at Searching Out Simple she came up with a nifty little way to make her own.

It was love at first sight when I saw this Faux Chandelier at Urban Outfitters. But I was really in love when I saw how Amanda at  Burlap and Denim amped it up!

I have to say I was taken by surprise when I found out how Sherika at Passionately Perfect made this nifty chandelier!

I love seeing what I refer to as beard cozies! These 2 are my absolute favorite! Ha ha! These have to be the cutest niftiest projects I've seen around. They're byLauraDesign & BurlyBeard.com . You can see more, including a very seasonally appropriately Santa version!
byLauraDesign & BurlyBeard.com

'Santa and Rudolph in the Photo Booth' at Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom. Tell me these aren't awesome! Ha ha ha! This is so freaking funny and creative!  You have to go see the rest!

This is so CB2! Vist their DIY Lamp at Weekday Carnival.

These 'painted playing cards' are sooo amazing! Estoy enamorado! I wanted to post all of them, but you'll have to visit Juan Estrella's Etsy page to see the rest of his amazing talent. And trust me you'll want to!

I went ahead and featured myself. Yes, I did:) You can find this Apothecary Eye Chart Jar here

And that's it for now. I'll continue to keep my eye out for interesting, unique, or down right cute content!
Have an amazing week!:)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apothecary Eye Chart Jar

I took down my Halloween decorations from the fireplace mantel today, (well most of them) and wanted to get started with my everyday mantel.I just put up a couple of my Z Gallerie purchases and they are awesomely gracing it as I post.  But I still need more, and I tend to take my time picking things out so it's not quite finished, yet.

I took a picture of my new Z Gal purchases for another post and noticed something when I was going through my photos, there, sitting behind my plain and lonely apothecary jar,  was my homemade eye chart and it looked awesome!  So, I had a lovely Aha! moment.  What if I cut out the letters and mod podged them on the apothecary jar? So, I did and I LOVE it!   Anyhow, here is my apothecary eye chart jar! 

All you need to do is go  to eye chart maker and type your own custom message. Then, save it and print it out. Next, cut out your letters, position them, and Mod Podge them on your apothecary jar. I Mod Podged mine on the outside of the glass to keep it from looking messy.

Here is my half finished mantel. So far I love my apothecary jar and 2 rhino busts from Z Gallerie. I'm not sure if I'll be getting a new mirror and what is going to go up there with them, but so far so good, I have 3 things that I adore!
BTW, I'm still working on my living room and when it's finished I'll posts before and after pics, so stay tuned!

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Milk Paint

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I read a thrifty book called, "The Tightwad Gazette", and one of the chapters was dedicated to making your own paint using milk.  This recently came to mind and thought it would make a great post!

I no longer have the book, or rather my mother no longer has the book, so I decided to see what I could come up with on the internet. I was pretty surprised to see that there has been a lot written on it. I shouldn't have been surprised, though. A lot of today's bloggers and ladies/gentlemen are fashionably thrifty, and if anyone can find a bargain, it's definitely you guys!

So, instead of making my own tutorial, when there are already so many,  I'll list several sites where you can get the different recipes available and instead comb the internet for some fantastic pics of projects using this paint!

Speaking of projects, milk paint was used for hundreds of years. It's thinner than other paints and tends to give a distressed look.  So, how appropriate would it be to give a piece of furniture that you are wanting to age and distress a coat or 2 of milk paint? Plus, you can't argue with the fact that it's VOC free! (Did that sound like a commercial?)

                            Tutorials or Recipes
http://www.ehow.com/how_2125740_make-powdered-milk-paint.html  (More kid friendly)
http://www.thehaystackneedleonline.com/2009/05/milk-paint.html  (Some great info here)

                Some projects around the web
Visit Whipperberry at Milk Paint

Visit Green Frieda at Painting with Milk Paint

Visit Nora Johnson at Casein (Milk Paint) Distressed Cabinets and Chairs
lifehacker Give Furniture a Worn and Vintage Look

Visit Prana Timber Frames at Aspen Wood Cabinet with Milk Paint

Visit Furniture from the Barn

I love this turquoise milk painted wall Cambree Notes at Milk Paint