Monday, January 23, 2012

Cheap Large Frames DIY

 I found a print that I really loved at Michael's. It was almost 30 bucks and I used a 40 or 50 percent off coupon!
I even bought some nice poster sized frames from Michael's to hang it with. I say frames, as in plural, because I got a great buy one for 50 dollars get one free deal!

I wanted something big enough to fit a small wall over my loveseat. What I didn't count on was that the poster size frame I purchased was not going to display my print as I thought it would. If I wanted it displayed large and bold, I would need a huge frame and matting to make it seem as if it perfectly fit my huge frame.

Framing appeared to be in the hundreds to have custom framing done. And no where, I mean no where, sold frames 34" by 34" or 36" by 36". If I wanted that size it was custom done, hundreds of dollars, and I could not budget that.

So, thanks to Apartment Therapy, they did an article on finding frames on the cheap. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it, but I followed their advice and purchased a huge frame, complete with art from a thriftstore. It's 39" by 39", I think. The art was ugly, but I could work with that. All I needed to do was paint the frame or leave it and remove the art and add my own, plus matting.

 You can purchase a large piece of matting from Hobby Lobby for 8 dollars. You could use a 40 percent off coupon and get it much cheaper.  Then use your exacto knife skills and cut out the size you need.

This is matting. It looks like a large piece of poster board. That is a blue cutting mat underneath so you don't cut your table or work surface.

My husband has the steadier hand, I think. So, he was nominated and more than happy to do the cutting. 
My husband's exacto knife cutting skills suck! So, hopefully you will have better luck than I did. cutting skills aren't too shabby. At least I had the help:)

I used the matting that came with my thrift store frame to help guide where the new matting would be cut. I made the new matting one inch thicker, though.

This is how it turned out. It's not exactly how I planned but it's way better than paying hundreds for this art plus framing options, elsewhere. And to be honest, it's pleasing enough to me. Total cost was about 40 bucks! Compare that to almost 300 from some place else.  Now the question is whether to leave the frame with the gold or silver leaf it.....

This post was just about finding huge cheap frames.I pretty much left the frame the way I found it at the thrift store.  I am still not sure if I will leave the picture and frame the way it is. I may use a white matting and gold leaf the frame or silver leaf it. I haven't made up my mind, yet.

With the largest piece of matting being only 8 dollars and using a 40 percent off coupon, it's more than affordable to change!


  1. Thanks so much for visiting -- I love meeting new bloggers.

    I really like your artwork with the black frame and matte.


    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate you visiting me. I like meeting new bloggers as well.

  2. I love the dark matting & frame with this lovely horse -- the colours in the print pop out of the dark. And the gold on the frame enhances the goldish tones in the print. I'm sure it would look lovely with a light frame & matting but not quite so dramatic.

    Thanks so much for hosting another great party.

  3. Thank you, Vanessa. I think the frame enhances and brings out the gold hues in the print as well. It's the tweaker in me. I always pick at something until I figure out just how I want it.