Friday, January 20, 2012

Rust-oleum Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint Review

A Rust-oleum Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint Review with Photos

I picked up a couple of wing back chairs from Craigslist. They are in solid shape but are worn and ugly. I don't know how to reupholster or sew a slip cover because I really just don't sew. So, I thought it would be fun to try something else. The blog "Johnny in a Dress" successfully painted her vinyl/leather-ish sofa with this paint by Rustoleum.

This wasn't easy to find at a local store. In fact, we went to several stores including Home Depot and they had everything but this paint. My husband came out and was like, "They have plastic paint, counter-top paint, paint for your engine, paint for your muffler, paint for your rims, paint for your walls, paint for your concrete, metallic paint...."  I'm not sure why, but I felt strangely reminiscent of Forest Gump. 

Anyhow, the best place to find it is at an Auto Zone. It's 7 dollars a can. If you are patient, you may find it cheaper on Amazon.

It's not economical if you're painting a chair full of absorbent foam underneath. We used a full can just on the tip of the chair and it needed a second!  It would be cheaper to just buy or make a slipcover, or upholster it yourself. And even if you did decide to go the painting route, the chair will feel like sandpaper! There's no way you would like it! On Johnny in a Dress, her vinyl sofa came out nice and doesn't feel crunchy, so if you have vinyl-ish things to paint, this paint would be great for you, just don't go getting day time dreams about a fabulous new chair you will easily spray paint for your living room.

This is what the chair looked like with just one can of the Rustoleum Vinyl and Fabric Spray Paint


  1. Thanks for the info!!! This is good to know! ~ Barbara

  2. I like your honesty! I don't think I could handle upholstering a wing back chair.

    1. lol, thanks. I am probably going to have to learn, now!

  3. Ha! I guess it is a moving picture in some way. Not necessarily good:)

  4. You just saved me some anguish! Thank you! I had thought about painting an ugly chair I have.

  5. The one that you used had actual vinyl in it. That is probably the reason that it was crunchy. Rust-oleum has a paint that is just for upholstry fabrics but I can't find it anywhere. Not even on-line.

  6. Try an autoparts store ...i.e...Advanced Auto, AutoZone, Napa Auto supply, some parts houses carry sprays made for fabric, vinyl, and leather. Also any automotive Paint supply house usually carries these paints ...and they can custom make or match any color under the sun :)

  7. That picture means so much more then it looks like.. So much beauty and art with a flare of Flamboyance.