Monday, October 22, 2012

A Chair Makeover: Using What You Have

I'm getting ready to cut the legs shorter on my counter-top height dining table. I'm sick of my legs dangling at the dinner table. 

I can not cut the dining height chairs shorter because of the way they are made. So, I'm in need of dining chairs. I'm looking at these for side chairs:

With a budget right now for furniture of around zero fifteen dollars a chair, I decided to work with what I have in the mean time.

So, here is what the previous tenants left at the house.
Yeah, it's pretty dirty and gross.

I used a krylon 18kt paint pen, rustoleum glossy white paint, upholstery fabric in purple and champagne velveteen, and a steam cleaner and came up with:

We are painting the floors black right now and the black bleed through the frog tape onto the base boards. So forgive our mess.
The chair isn't really what I expected. I think I was a little too heavy handed with the gold paint pen, cause I love using that thing! But for my taste I need less gold. So, I'll be painting over the sides of the legs and returning them to their former glory. 

I didn't want to be matchy matchy and purchased a lovely champagne velveteen for the other side chair. Plus, I'm not big on purple. I just wanted to throw in a little fall color.
A tip for ya, don't use the krylon 18 kt gold spray paint over a glossy surface without proper sanding and priming or you will end up with this:
You can safely use the krylon 18 kt gold paint pen over the glossy surface with no prep. It worked perfect for us. If you get a little bit of streaking, just allow the first coat to dry and go over with the pen a second time. That's all you will need to do.

Here is the Krylon 18 kt paint pen in comparison with no prep work:
 They are 2 different colors! The spray paint has a greenish tint to it and the pen, to me, looks richer in person. I'm really just not a fan of the spray paint. The pen on the other hand is amazing! I reallly have to hold myself back from writing all over the walls with it!
That's it. I'll be back with the second chair done and hopefully the purple one updated.

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