Monday, October 22, 2012

Dining Room Update, Sneak Peek

 I stenciled my dining room wall in an ikat pattern. I chose grey and white as the colors. Despite how sick I've gotten of grey, I have to admit, I chose the shade of grey and the theme of grey and white for my living and dining room area because of how soothing it is to me.  Not to mention I'm an incredibly fickle person. I easily tire of things and this would allow me to change out accessories, to change things up without having to repaint the entire room.

A lot of things are overdone by now and ikat is one of them. I originally chose the ikat because in the grey and white combo, it appeared feminine to me. It had a lot of graceful curves the other stencils didn't have. At least this particular ikat stencil did. And for whatever reason it too, was calming.

  I wanted my living room and dining area to be soothing, somewhat formal, a little on the feminine side, and sparkly. Don't get me wrong, some patterns are timeless. Ikat is timeless. It's just that it has showed up everywhere and needs a little break or a fresh new take on it. 
Hey, I meant it when I said it was just a peek! No, I'm not keeping the light fixture. We are still under construction!
To be honest though, I believe it's only over done in the bloggy world. I don't see ikat everywhere I go in the real world.  And to be perfectly honest, I'm working on contentedness. I am so bad about wanting to change things around every 2 weeks. My mantra: It's not out of style in the real world, it's just the insane bloggy world. Breathe. You like it. You want to keep it.
I really like these candle holders for this nook from Z Gallerie.
I'm really not joking about that either. My best friend, we will call her Ethel, hates that about me.  So does my husband, "Ricky."  This is a serious conversation we had not too long ago, " I'm tired of ikat already, I want a change, I'm thinking of another stencil."     He had just finished by the way and it took him months  a really long time to finish it. He says it was the glossy white paint that I put on the wall. It made the stencil not want to stick.  Note to self: glossy paint belongs on trim and in bathrooms not on dining room walls.      "Lucy, you better not be serious, oh woman I'm gonna......." I'd finish the rest of that sentence but I don't understand  spanish very well.

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