Monday, November 5, 2012

Drawer Fronts: Decorating With Tape

If you remember I decorated my mantel with frog tape + rub-n-buff.  We used frog tape to make a large lattice design, much like my mantel, then went over the tape with gold rub-n-buff. I was inspired by my idea to decorate with tape and by the ladies who make design cut outs that you can decorate your drawers with over at O'verlays.

I wouldn't use it on a dresser that is going to have heavy use. But using this technique on a "dummy" drawer would be perfect. I think as long as you have handles it should be fine on a dresser with moderate use, but I would prefer something more permanent at that point.

I'm not sure who originally came up with the design of the 3rd drawer down.   I believe it's possibly the lovely ladies who make O'verlays.  If you want something permanent for your dresser drawers I would definitely go with them. I know I may purchase some when I decide how I want to update my dresser.

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