Friday, November 9, 2012

Shopping for a Sofa

We are using a couch that was here when we first moved in. It's a horrid and uncomfortable couch.
In fact, I'm not even going to bother photographing it for you because it's that hideous. It's not the looks of it so much, as I could simply reupholster or recover the thing. It's the fact that it has arms that are caved in and feels like you have a 2x4 in your bum when you sit on it.

 So, I'm looking at sofas to buy after the holidays are over. I'm also looking into when is the best time to buy a sofa.

 Here are some I'm looking at:

I'm thinking about the Ektorp.  I fell in love with the Ektorp in one of Ikea's catalogs. It looks cozy, inviting,  and like something that would fit in with my mish mash of style. Besides the incredibly affordable price tag of  399.00 for the Blekinge white sofa, I love that the covers are removable so that I can change things up. I love that they are washable so that I can actually have kids and a white or cream sofa at the same time. I  H.E.A.R.T white/cream sofas!

The down side is that I've seen many bloggers who have Ektorps and they look very frumpy after you sit on them. As if maybe a 100 kindergarteners were told to 'have at it' during recess. Don't get me wrong, from what I can tell, they all love their Ektorps! But I can't stand frumpy furniture! Despite Ikea's description of a sofa that regains it's shape quickly after you have stood up, I find other blogger's photos to be quite telling and quite the opposite.

In their defense, the sofa does look like you can shape it back to almost perfection. But I'm not sure if I want that task!

Meet, Royce. Hello, Royce. Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?

The next sofa I'm looking at is the Royce Sofa from Z Gallerie. This sofa is some serious Eye Candy. I H.E.A.R.T white furniture but I seriously also love a sofa with clean lines, gorgeous tufting, luxurious velvet fabric, and what really can sell me on a sofa is the arms being level with the back of the sofa. It's much like the iconic Chesterfield. The down side of this sofa, and the only downside is the 1,699.00 price tag. I'm not counting it out yet, though. Z Gallerie often has 10-15 percent off sales for their furniture line. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and find it 35 percent off! A girl can dream.

Much like the Royce Sofa with it's high back and equally high arms, Z Gallerie has the Benny Sofa minus the gorgeous side pillows. The sofa is pretty and modern. I'm not crazy about the one row of tufting on the back and I'm not crazy about the tufting on the seat. It looks as if it's sectioned off in squares.  All in all though, it's a nice sofa at a much more affordable 999.00 dollars.  With their 10-15 percent off coupon, this will make a pretty and  affordable sofa for my living room.

The Chesterfield Sofa. Need I say more? Hello Beautiful.

The Kensington Sofa from Restoration Hardware is a gorgeous rendition of the ever so classic Chesterfield. It comes in 6 lengths, 2 depths, a large assortment of colors and fabrics, and whole lotta gorgeous.

Unfortunately, a whole lotta price tag too. Depending on your selection from the mid 2,000's to $11,710.  Maybe one day when I grow up I'll get this sofa.

Which leads me to my final selection, a pretty and affordable remake of the Chesterfield by Martha Stewart at Macy's, the Saybridge sofa.  It comes in 25 different colors, velvet fabric if you'd like, and it's on sale for 999.00 smackaroos.

What sofa are you salivating over in your life right now?

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