Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Gifts Worth Gifting

curbly diy neon vases
2diy cardboard deer reindeer bhg diy pouf3                                                                                                                                                       
110113 stick horses4
Martha Stewart studded bracelet diy                                                                                                   

centsationalgirl cuttingboards_27
 martha stewart map coasters8
westelm diy poufs
tori spelling chalk mug10candy cane soap11
farmhouse desk diy12

 This was originally scheduled for Friday, but I thought with everyone so busy, and these being diy gifts, you are going to need as much advanced time as you can get to pick up your materials.

 I was hoping to have my new pillow made to share here in the DIY list but I have been so busy! There is not enough time in the day. Look forward to a few new pillow tutorials. I'm not going to pinpoint a date as I've learned not to do that anymore!

 The key to making all of these a successful DIY gift is to customize them to the recepients. Choosing the right color for their decor, fabric, etc...and of course pouring all of your time, energy, and love into making these look just as wonderful as they do in the pictures!

1) Paint Dipped Flower Vases
2) Diy Deer Head
3) BHG Pretty Pouf
4) Riding Stick Horses
5) Gold Leafed Paper Mache Bowls
6) Handmade Studded Jewelry
7) DIY Wood Cutting Boards
8) Map Coasters
9) $3 Dollar Ikea Floor Mat to Fabulous Floor Pouf
10) Tori Spelling Chalkboard Mug   (She has a decor/diy blog? I know!)
11) Candy Cane Soap
12) Farmhouse Trestle Desk (Ok, so someone is going to have to be really good to get this!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Hey, Jane!

      Me, too! I really want to get around to making it.

  2. Hi "Lucy,"
    They all look so wonderful. I'm not sure which to pick. I think I'd like to try the paper mache bowls. Who couldn't use a nice set of bowls?
    Thank you for linking up with the Thumping Thursdays blog hop.


    1. Hey, Karina. Yeah the bowls are awesome. Who doesn't love gold these days and polka dots?

  3. Speaking of Tori...I JUST found out she had ANOTHER baby. (Where have I been??) AND she has decor. I am so out of the loop - ha ha!


    1. Don't feel bad, Meredith. I just found out myself. I had no idea she was into diy'ing or crafting things. I think I really like her because she seems so nice and down to earth.:)

  4. What fun pictures! I love the cutting boards, and I didn't know that Tori has a blog! (I love her :)

    1. Thanks, Susan!
      I love cutting boards, too! Those have been on my "to do" list for a while now, along with the peppermint candy soap. Yeah, I lover her too.:) I haven't had a chance to really hop around on her site yet.

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  6. Great list! I wish I was handy enough to make that desk!

    1. Hi, Heather!
      Thanks.:) Ya never know, with the tutorial she put together it might be easier than you'd expect!
      I seriously thought about putting that desk together, too! I'm thinking more of a lacquer white campaign desk, though.

  7. Cute! I especially like the vases, paper mache bowls and the chopping block. I actually just finished the chalkboard mugs about a week ago. I love Whit and Whistle (where I originally saw the mugs). All of my presents are DIY this year. I've been doing photo coasters and these adorable photo magnets. So cute, so cheap. Great ideas, I may have to make a few more gifts now!


  8. Cute site. Just found you on the local sugar blog hop. Followed you via GFC. Will follow on Twitter, but didn't see your user name?


  9. Thanks for hopping by and sharing you blog over at Thumping Thursdays. We hope to see you again this week. :)