Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hacked Again!

I didn't want to have to post this because it's embarrassing, but it may be necessary due to the fact that the last time something close to this happened to me, a hacker sent out porn to everyone on my email list from my email! That was about 10 years ago.

This is my blog and I can't take that chance. First, let me say if you received or do receive porno email from me in the next few days. ITS NOT FROM ME!

Yesterday, I went to log on my computer only to find the password was changed. When I finally got back in to my computer, little weird things would happen. Like I would be working on a post or comment and my words would get erased, or  other websites would pop up that I didn't click on. It was really annoying to say the least. My mouse was acting wonky and the cursor would just go all over the place.

Let's just say websites that you wouldn't want to pop up started popping up on my computer and as hard as I tried to click off of them it didn't go off right away. I ended up downloading a windows cleaner to get the funky, nasty, images off my computer and running AVG. AVG did find a trojan, though I can't see how since I mainly only visit blogs and online stores. I'm pretty careful what I let my computer get used for.

I'm not sure exactly what happened but this morning I awoke to a message saying I was signed out of my designfluff account on Yahoo for "routine maintenance" and I needed to sign back in.

I've never in all my years been signed out of yahoo for "routine maintenance" and after what I went through yesterday I felt suspicious about signing back in. So I clicked off the message and my regular email was right underneath of that message, and it was never signed out of!  So, suffice to say it looks like someone was phishing for my password!

I wrote all that to say, if you received something through email inappropriate. It's not from DesignFluff as I was hacked. And just be careful about phishing because that is what  appears to have happened this morning. If it seems odd, check it out first.