Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Geometric Hanging Pendant Light

One DIY project that I had on my list was a geometric shaped light fixture. I did a little digging around and found Kelly from a View Along The Way and her talented hubby, who had already attempted and successfully created one. When I saw all of the complicated work that her hubby put into it, well let's say I just shied away from the project.

One awesome thing about this project is that they give enough info for you to make one yourself if you fancy yourself savvy. 

She also has them for sale for only 139.00 dollars which is awesome cause like she points out on her blog, the Ralph Lauren design goes for a few hundred smackaroo's more.

** I wasn't paid in anyway to endorse this. I just love how her project turned out and am seriously thinking about buying one, if I ever get this house buying process finished.**


  1. I saw this pendant, too and am itching to try my hand at it! However, math and I generally don't play well togethether...

  2. Thanks for introducing me to the View Along the Way! loving their DIY's and this light.. I see it's sold out !
    xo Nancy

  3. You're welcome.:) I really like the diy's as well.

  4. so cool:) Following you from the blog hop!

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