Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Countertops and Radon?

We are looking at counter-tops right now.

I was looking more into quartz counter-tops because not only are they non-porous, but they are low maintenance, stain, heat, and scratch resistant, and they have beautiful shades of white to choose from. Not to mention, I don't hate granite, it's very nice, but in my opinion, too over done for me.

Quartz Counter-top by Caesarstone in Puro 8141
I remember when I was looking at granite several years back and came across something by Dr. Mercola mentioning that when shopping for granite, you should be aware and prepared because the counter-tops can emit radon. Yikes!

Then, today I read a Dr. Weil article where he mentions the very same thing. I then looked up quartz only to find out that some quartz also can emit radon. To be fair, some studies say some quartz emit very little to no radon and that some granite emits very low levels. Which types of quartz that is, they didn't mention, but the worst offenders for granite tend to be from the more exotic types from Brazil and Namibia.
Quartz Counter-top by Caesarstone in Misty Carrera 4141

 There are various studies, from the little that I read, and so it can get confusing, especially when some studies are funded by the people that stand to gain something from it.

From what I read quartz tends to be the lesser of the 2 evils, and I am going to see if I can find which manufacturers test their quartz and certify it radon free. If I can't find one, then I'm going for a radon risk free option. Limestone, soapstone, and marble are said to be free of radon risks. Who knows maybe I'll just go for wood, it's beautiful and cheaper if you DIY.
I'm not saying don't buy quartz or granite, I'm saying become more informed and go with what you are comfortable with. I personally love the look of the quartz above, I hope that we can find that it is radon free and bring it into our home.

What about you, do you feel comfortable with quartz and/or granite?


  1. I have lovely laminate countertops. I would be grateful for either.

  2. I have the ugliest counters known to man. I want to go for nice, heavy wood. I can picture them aging and each mark having a memory.

    1. Jane,
      That sounds so beautiful! And it's so fitting for the kitchen of a chef/cook!

  3. Love this info- thanks so much. I'm dreaming of quartz for my kitchen reno in the future...dream, dream.
    xo Nancy

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