Thursday, May 16, 2013

Biocide Room Shocker Review

 Hey guys! I just moved into my house over the last few days and it stinks! It's not a moldy smell, or even a something crawled up in here and died, smell. It's more like straight up thrift shop in here.  It's just old smell.
Speaking of thrift shop, we've been singing that song for 3 days straight while moving. We can't get it out of our heads. I even sing it before bed time.
 I'm pretty sure my husband and I could have made our own cover. " I'm gonna pop some tags, I've got 20 dollars in my pocket, then I cluck like a chicken to the tune, this is crazy awesome!"  Yeah, I always edit any bad words out with my own.
You can see the official video on youtube
Anyways, I'm getting distracted. I googled what to do to get rid of old house smell and Apartment Therapy had an article on using something called, Room Shocker.  They weren't sure if it worked or not but suggested it wouldn't hurt to try at 25 dollars a can.  I jumped up and bought 6 right away.
This company claims that it can get rid of any smell in your house. ANY smell. I also read somewhere that they used these to get homes ready to move back into for families affected by Hurricane Katrina. I have no idea how true that is, as it was a comment somewhere on the web.
We bought 6 of them and let me tell you, we followed directions to the T as it seemed like the reviews were by people who just didn't read the directions, and this stuff did NOT work for us. In all fairness there were reviews on Apt. Therapy and Amazon, that swore by it's effectiveness. There were also reviews on Amazon, that indicated it did not work.

Some of the things you have to do to ensure it's effectiveness is make sure it's above a certain temperature which I think was 50 degrees, block the light from coming in the house (we used blankets), eliminate drafts and turn off central air or heat, etc...
So, now I'm hoping I don't get hassle about getting my moolah back! That moolah can go towards something more useful in our new home, like some art, or curtains or something.
 I need to find something that rids the house of the smell  and not just mask it, which is what Room Shocker claims to do.
Until then, I'll be using lots of windows to air the house out and natural products with essential oils.

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  1. we used vinegar or krud cutter. also look into something called an ozone generator. my husband has one and it works wonders

    1. Thanks, Melissa. I was actually already investigating ozone today, when I received your message! So happy to hear it worked for you! Is there a particular ozone generator that you recommend?

  2. Someone once told me you can use vinegar to get rid of that kind of smell. I don't know what you do with it- wipe down the walls maybe??

  3. Boil white vinegar with about 50% water - get a fan and blow the vapor around, you want it to smell like a pickle factory. It will take a few days for the vinegar smell to dissipate. This has helped in my thrift-store-slum-lord-"garden" apartment - that said, I've found no silver stink bullet!

    You might also try liberal amounts of activated charcoal (the stuff you use in a aquarium, NOT the stuff you cook with). Backing soda is ineffective in large spaces... at least in the amounts you buy in store (although its great for soaking-up cat piss)... Not to burst bubbles, but ozone... so I've read, and tried.... only masks odors.

  4. If you are looking to safely remove odors, look into Genesis 950.

  5. Room Shocker from Biocide Systems really does work - Used it to remove the putrid smell from our kitchen and the next day or so, the stinky odor had been removed from the kitchen.. Highly recommend it, and if it doesn't work you can always get your money back.

  6. Interesting review. It is odd that 6 units did not work. Myself and friends have used the auto product and it worked every time and eliminated some pretty funky smells.
    I have heard the company is pretty reliable with refunds if the product has been used correctly and simply did not work. Good luck with the oils.