Monday, May 20, 2013

Restoration Hardware's Harmon Pendant Alternatives

"Ricky" and I are planning our kitchen updates. We spent last night checking out some ideas from Restoration Hardware. One of those lights is the Harmon Pendant.

This transitional fixture might be perfect with it's shiny sleekness juxtaposed against the traditional wood shelving and white cabinets I have planned. They are temporarily on sale but regularly priced from 379-529 dollars and have a 11", 15", and 19".

Here is the Harmon, I believe, on Houzz:

                               Contemporary Kitchen by Jacksonville Beach Interior Designer kmh design, inc.

I have no doubt they will be awesome but am looking at cheaper options because we are on a small budget.

What do you think about these options?.....

The Chadwick 1 Light by Landmark is nice 14" of shiny curviness at $218.00 on Amazon for New and $154 for used. This seems to mimick the look of the Harmon the closest of the lights.

This is the  Emery Traditional 1 Light Pendant Light In Imperial Silver by Quoizel it's 249 dollars at a comparable 13.50 inches. I definitely like the silver on this one as opposed to the other 2 above.

Here's the Emery in "action" but it's the mini version:

Last but not least, I think this is my favorite so far.......

This is the Jamie Young Pendant in St. Charles Large Mercury Glass some places have it for 196 for the large version which is only 9.75 inches diameter.

Here is the Jamie Young Pendant in "action."
This is via Garden Webb from user Michelle16. I think she chose beautifully!

Here is one more shot and you can see the rest at Garden Webb

Of course I have to take in account if anyone's head will be bumping into it in my tiny kitchen. Usually a pendant is reserved to go  over something, like an island, but my kitchen is too small for an island, or anything, really.  I really want some sort of pretty pendants, though, so I'm not following any rules so nanny nanny boo boo!

Ok, last light, realty, this time.  I just happen to like it, though it doesn't look like the Harmon.

It's the same light as above except it's in Celadon green seeded glass:

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