Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dining Room Challenges

I apologize for the lack of posts.  I've been focusing on other things and taking sort of a break for a short while.

So, what's going on with the makeovers?  I'm looking for a light for my dining room that will go well with my sun-room/family room.  The sun-room and dining room are very open to each other.  I want something organic (not in the green sense of the word), something made from wood, or bamboo, etc.. .  So far, everything is either far too expensive, the wrong stain of wood, or too small, ugh!

 It's easy when you have unlimited money to put a beautiful design together.
Putting a room together on a super tiny budget is quite the challenge, though, if you want it to look right and not like a cheap room. It's Ok if it is cheap, just not OK if it looks cheap.  It takes a lot of research!

 Your rug is a big part of the budget. Choosing unwisely by grabbing a rug that is too small for the room and dining area can really chop up the look of your room by stopping your eye short.  I don't want my room to look choppy so having a rug that is an 8' by 10' is a must for me.

  I have my old dining table, that needs some work, that is going to have to do. Reusing my dining table helps keep expenses down greatly. It's a counter height, or rather was.  To make it more comfortable, we sawed off several inches of the legs to make it normal seating height.  *This is a very simple diy for those of you with counter-height dining tables that are sick of them but on a budget or just not wanting to get rid of a perfectly good table.

Here are some items I put together for a possibility for my dining room:

I will have to improvise here and there and maybe I'll paint the room kelly green instead of the domino green below. We'll see!

I'll use these only if I use the domino book as my wall color

Pottery Barn Heathered Jute Rug
I purchased these already

This mirror represents the color of wood I'd like in the room.


  1. I LOVE your choices. I am hoping, hoping for a new dining room table this summer. After such a long wait I now only want the most perfect one. A break every so often is the best thing. You can't be creative all the time.

    1. Thanks, Jane for the kind words. I hope you get your dining table? What type are you looking at? I'd love something a little rustic and just plain wood. My dining table by all means needs to be put out of it's misery but I just don't have the budget for one, which is sad because Joss and Main have the Charlotte dining table that is awesome, right now on sale in their "best sellers furniture" sale.

    2. Don't ask me why I said, "I hope you get your dining table?" as if it were a question. I meant, I hope you get your dining table! Woooo!

  2. ugh I feel you on the budget thing. My living room from back in November was cheap to put together...but it also looked cheap. Made me sad. This time around I am being much more patient and doing more research while staying true to my style. Neutrals with touches of gold and brights...totally my style.

    Chartreuse vases...not my style.

    And then I become frustrated when I can't finish a room. Though I am pumped...I just turned 27 and as a bday present I get to go pick out some things to decorate with.

    I love the combination of everything!

    1. Neutrals with touches of gold are really my thing, too! I love touches of pink added to that.

      It will more than likely show up in other places in the house. For these rooms I really wanted something that I normally wouldn't do and something on the traditional side, though it's evolved to traditional mixed with who knows!

      Congrats on turning 27! I'd love to see what you pick out for the house as your gift! I'll be checking your blog in case you show it! I know how you feel about not finishing a room. I usually want to take my time but get impatient at the same time, I'm a walking contradiction.

  3. I looove where you are going with this room! And I completely agree both with the budget thing (that's it's tough to do but it can't look cheap even if it is) and with the rug thing- gotta have 8x10 in the dining room! I have not doubt your room is going to look like a million bucks no matter what you spend- you have fabulous taste!!

    1. Thank you!! I've bought the rug I need and a dining room light but I'm not sure the room is going in the same direction. The pillows which were a big inspiration for the dining room arrived and they are soooo ugly in person! Very ugly fabric, very bright-ish, bordering on loud, green. Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement! :)