Monday, July 1, 2013

Interior Lantern Lighting 4 Less + Update

Interior lanterns are huge in design right now. This lantern, from Shades of Light, is 30" high and 18" wide for 1,249 dollars on sale.

I prefer the xtra large Carriage House lantern from Ballards, which is 24" high by 16" square for 299.00 dollars. At that price you could afford 2, for over your dining table, and still only come to half the sale price of the Shades of Light version. This light comes in 3 sizes and starts at 149.00 dollars.

 I would definitely need 2 for my dining table and I put myself on a no light over 235 dollars budget for my dining room, so I started to order these lanterns from Ballards:

These are marked down to 129 dollars, and for that price I could stretch my budget and include 2!  The only issue is that my hubby has a lot on his plate right now and the dining room is only wired right now for one light above the dining table.  I didn't want him to have to drill another hole and figure out how to hang an extra lantern from scratch or hire an electrician to do it.

So, I ended up scrapping the lantern idea for the dining room (saving it for another room) and going with this coral chandie from Ballards (it's on sale for 199 dollars!) :

Since I'm doing black and white stripes in the sunroom and it opens up to the dining room, I figured I mine as well go with something that says summer in both rooms. This would also save me from sending back the sea-grass rug  and shopping all over again for a cheap 8x10 rug, which is nearly impossible to find.  I also wanted something from nature and coral is, so here we are. Once we get the chandie up, I will update with progress photos.