Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little excitement over here!

 Recently West Elm and Olioboard joined forces and came up with a contest to design a room based on their new pattern pallet collection.  Those who garner the most votes to get in the top 50, get to be judged. From there they give out a 1-3 place and those 3 winners get cash prizes. There were several boards that were just amazing. There was and is a lot of talented designers on Olioboard.

Well, I was especially excited because my design came in 3rd today! Yay!  It's not 1st place, but I'm just excited they liked my board enough! ;)

West Elm Pattern Palette


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations, girl!!! Your board is fabulous-I can see why it placed. Now it's been affirmed that you are a gifted designer, although we knew that all along. :)


    1. lol. Thanks, Meredith. :) You are sweet. I'm not familiar with Olioboard and the proper working of it, not like a lot of the designers on there are, so to know so little about how to get stuff maneuvered on there, I'm happy with the results. Though I would definitely do a grouping and layering with my decorative items on the coffee table if I knew how via olio. The coffee table bothers me, but I'm still happy to have placed.