Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Ikea finds!

I about flipped my lid the other day when I was going through Ikea's new catalog and came across this baby.....

My favorite Ikea find this year is this amazing green stokholm sofa:

Can you believe this gorgeous sofa is from Ikea? Barring any comfort issues, my bets are this is going to be their most popular seller.

I am really surprised to see this blue velvet cover for the ektorp: 

I love me a velvet sofa!

 And they even have a pink sofa......

I'm not crazy about the shape of this sofa. I wish they had just made another stockholm but in pink.

I do love the color though and it's a winner when you add accessories.

What's your favorite Ikea find from the catalog? Do you do Ikea?


  1. I'm with you on the pink sofa. Love the color but not the lines.

    1. Hopefully they'll learn from their mistake next year and put out some pink and blue covers for the stockholm!

  2. My favorite is the blue velvet. :) And, sadly, I've never purchased anything from IKEA. Does that make me unAmerican? LOL.


    1. lol, a lot of people don't shop at Ikea, so I think you are good! They really should expand to more cities. And honestly, some people hate Ikea. I love them but not everything in the store, the same with most stores.

  3. I claim that I loooove Ikea. But I have yet to buy a thing from there. I do usually love what they have but because the closest one is an hour away I have yet to make a purchase. Also it's a thing where I have to have a babysitter and a whole day to go. I like to be relaxed and enjoy my time there or else I'm just a mess.

    I am really into that velvet sofa

    1. Yeah, I can understand, I wouldn't want to drive an hour to reach one, either. They do have smalland or however you spell it. I think the people that sign up for IKEA friends and family get to leave the kids in smalland for a longer period of time so you can shop. I normally am too paranoid to leave my kids there but the youngest insist upon it and loves it whenever we do go.