Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mantel Change Up: Decorating with Tape

Lately, I've felt like a mad decorator scientist with my rub-n-buff, gold leaf pen, and tape.  I temporarily changed up our mantel using frog tape and gold rub-n-buff to make a design on the wall. Since gold leafing our dresser and successfully using the frog tape that was gilded in the process, to faux gild the edges of the dresser(I did the dresser months ago and the tape has not budged!), it has come to mind that I could probably decorate with tape just about anywhere.

This mantel is far from done, but I was working to get something up on the blog and working with what I already had available, without purchasing anything. I would love to have finished it.  I have more tape projects coming up so don't forget to follow if you don't already so you can see my newest projects!

**I seem to have lost all of my comments, again. Not sure why I have the wonkiest commenting system on Blogger, but if any of you needed me to get back to you about something, you can re-post here now that I have gotten rid of intense debates. Perhaps the change back to blogger caused me to lose the comments. Sorry!


  1. Wow! That looks so gorgeous! Stunning really. I'm your newest GFC follower and I'm looking forward to more loveliness!!

  2. Hi, Danni! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment and for following along! I appreciate it! :D

  3. Hi, Love this idea! I went out and bought frog tape and rub n buff but I don't know what to do now! How and when did you apply the gold to the tape? any details would help!!! thank you!!!!

    1. Hi Rachel. If my memory serves me right, we laid the tape out on a board and then just rubbed the rub-n- buff on. You could also wrap each end around something, so that the tape is suspended in air and only the ends are touching something, then take some gold spray paint to it. Hope this helps. I tried answering you back through email but it says you are a "no reply" commenter.