Sunday, November 11, 2012

Designs 4 Less: Jonathan Adler Lampert sofa vs Z Gallerie Royce Sofa

Lampert Sofa in brussels charcoal

I confess. I'm drooling over a new love. I call him Lam for short. No, Lam is not a new naughty love affair I'm having. I wish!  Sadly, Lam doesn't even know I exist. He's far too outta my league.  He's $3495 from Jonathan Adler.

 Oh well Lampert, it wasn't meant to be. And sadly, I don't think I could  be Mrs. Lampert anyways. I mean really what kind of name is that?  But I'm happy to
say he has a twin.  And oh what a twin
he has!

Ladies, meet his brother, Royce!  
Ok, so he's not an identical twin,
but he's close!  Royce is considerably
cheaper. Don't be sad, Royce. I'm not calling you cheap. Cheap in this instance is good!  Royce goes for
$1699 at ZGallerie. And he appears to be one beautiful, strong, hunk of a couch!  Hunk?

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