Monday, January 23, 2012

Cheap Large Frames DIY

 I found a print that I really loved at Michael's. It was almost 30 bucks and I used a 40 or 50 percent off coupon!
I even bought some nice poster sized frames from Michael's to hang it with. I say frames, as in plural, because I got a great buy one for 50 dollars get one free deal!

I wanted something big enough to fit a small wall over my loveseat. What I didn't count on was that the poster size frame I purchased was not going to display my print as I thought it would. If I wanted it displayed large and bold, I would need a huge frame and matting to make it seem as if it perfectly fit my huge frame.

Framing appeared to be in the hundreds to have custom framing done. And no where, I mean no where, sold frames 34" by 34" or 36" by 36". If I wanted that size it was custom done, hundreds of dollars, and I could not budget that.

So, thanks to Apartment Therapy, they did an article on finding frames on the cheap. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it, but I followed their advice and purchased a huge frame, complete with art from a thriftstore. It's 39" by 39", I think. The art was ugly, but I could work with that. All I needed to do was paint the frame or leave it and remove the art and add my own, plus matting.

 You can purchase a large piece of matting from Hobby Lobby for 8 dollars. You could use a 40 percent off coupon and get it much cheaper.  Then use your exacto knife skills and cut out the size you need.

This is matting. It looks like a large piece of poster board. That is a blue cutting mat underneath so you don't cut your table or work surface.

My husband has the steadier hand, I think. So, he was nominated and more than happy to do the cutting. 
My husband's exacto knife cutting skills suck! So, hopefully you will have better luck than I did. cutting skills aren't too shabby. At least I had the help:)

I used the matting that came with my thrift store frame to help guide where the new matting would be cut. I made the new matting one inch thicker, though.

This is how it turned out. It's not exactly how I planned but it's way better than paying hundreds for this art plus framing options, elsewhere. And to be honest, it's pleasing enough to me. Total cost was about 40 bucks! Compare that to almost 300 from some place else.  Now the question is whether to leave the frame with the gold or silver leaf it.....

This post was just about finding huge cheap frames.I pretty much left the frame the way I found it at the thrift store.  I am still not sure if I will leave the picture and frame the way it is. I may use a white matting and gold leaf the frame or silver leaf it. I haven't made up my mind, yet.

With the largest piece of matting being only 8 dollars and using a 40 percent off coupon, it's more than affordable to change!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rust-oleum Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint Review

A Rust-oleum Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint Review with Photos

I picked up a couple of wing back chairs from Craigslist. They are in solid shape but are worn and ugly. I don't know how to reupholster or sew a slip cover because I really just don't sew. So, I thought it would be fun to try something else. The blog "Johnny in a Dress" successfully painted her vinyl/leather-ish sofa with this paint by Rustoleum.

This wasn't easy to find at a local store. In fact, we went to several stores including Home Depot and they had everything but this paint. My husband came out and was like, "They have plastic paint, counter-top paint, paint for your engine, paint for your muffler, paint for your rims, paint for your walls, paint for your concrete, metallic paint...."  I'm not sure why, but I felt strangely reminiscent of Forest Gump. 

Anyhow, the best place to find it is at an Auto Zone. It's 7 dollars a can. If you are patient, you may find it cheaper on Amazon.

It's not economical if you're painting a chair full of absorbent foam underneath. We used a full can just on the tip of the chair and it needed a second!  It would be cheaper to just buy or make a slipcover, or upholster it yourself. And even if you did decide to go the painting route, the chair will feel like sandpaper! There's no way you would like it! On Johnny in a Dress, her vinyl sofa came out nice and doesn't feel crunchy, so if you have vinyl-ish things to paint, this paint would be great for you, just don't go getting day time dreams about a fabulous new chair you will easily spray paint for your living room.

This is what the chair looked like with just one can of the Rustoleum Vinyl and Fabric Spray Paint

Sunday, January 15, 2012

UPDATED: Black and White Living Room Mantel

Ok, I know what you are thinking. I just posted my mantel the other day and so why am I posting it again? In my defense, I'm crazy. I can't help it. I get in such a hurry to get something done and I will love it and post about it prematurely. I think I have something called premature decoration.

Then I will pick at it over and over til I change it. And to be honest I knew it still needed some tweaking. So, I added 2 candles to my Mariposa Z Gallerie candlestick holders and silver leafed my  thrift store find scales. I also added 2 bookends to the mantel that you can read about Here.

The bookends are for my bookshelves. My bookshelves do not exist right now and are a figment of my imagination. See, I told you I was crazy.

The bookshelves are an up and coming project and I just happen to be collecting things to put on them when I do finally get them. So, my mantel, like everything else in this house, is a work in progress.

As you can see, this is what I have so far, and just for future reference, I reserve the right to tweak my mantel and post about it again, until I deem it "ready."

Don't worry I still have a few projects to post about this week that do not involve the cursed mantel. And one of them I keep promising to post, my new made from scratch easy peasy lamp shade. This one is taking me longer than I expected because I keep running into obstacles. Like being too tired to go grab the only 2 things I need to finish it at the Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's Fabric. But I will have it up soon, I promise! 

What I might change about the mantel. The glass on the scales is cool, it's different, but it looks yellowed. I may just silver leaf right over the glass and see how that goes.  I also need more black and white books to put between my bookends. And I may just stencil a pattern on the wall of the fireplace. So, just saying.:)

Just in case your new to my mantel madness, the rhino busts are from Z Gallerie, candle holders are Z Gallerie as well, scales and equine bookends are thrift store makeovers.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Repainted Equine Thrift Store Bookends

As I wait to afford the many book cases I intend on purchasing for my living room, I am building up a collection of bookends and stylish displays for my bookcases. These don't have to be expensive. And if they are in my house, they aren't expensive. You can take current trends and find them cheaply at a thrift store and simply paint them your favorite color to bring them up to the modern world. I love white! Lots of pops of white with a matte finish. And what is more modern the ultra bright white?  So, I found these:

These go great with the current trend of all things equine, don't ya think? I also thought they were a brilliant purchase because they look like chess pieces to me and my Mariposa candle holders from Z Gallerie are a play off of chess pieces.

It only took one can of flat white dollar paint from Walmart. There was no primer needed. Bookends were about 4 dollars a piece and paint was one dollar. Love it!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Black and White Living Room Mantel

I'm almost done making over my living room. And today I've finished 3 projects, 2 of which I have been kind of putting off. One of them is my fireplace mantel. I needed time to figure out just how I wanted it. This isn't exactly what I had planned but I went to a thrift store and found some balance scales and decided I would just go with it. They are vintage and I'll be making them over later, but for now I'll put them up with the pic I have.

Scales are kinda a cool thing now in decor. Here is one I like from none other than Z Gallerie. These are $229.50. Ouch! Not for the budget minded. Mine are vintage so they're not as sharp, but a little updating later on and they will be good to go. Not to mention for a measly $4.95, you can't beat it.

So, here is my black and white mantel (the whole theme of my living room is pretty much black and white).
The 2 rhino's were from Z Gallerie and they were a gift to me. I have been wanting a quatrefoil mirror and was going to purchase a cheapy from Lowe's for about 60 bucks. It was nice to see that T.J. Maxx had one that I liked better and it was only about 35 bucks!  I wanted to put a vintage spyglass on the mantel but knew I had to grab the scales when I saw them at the thrift store for about 4.95!  All I have left is to update the scales and add a couple of pillar candles to my candlestick holders. Oh, I almost forgot, the candlesticks are from Z Gallerie as well. They are Mariposa candlestick holders.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Projects

Between holidays and tons of projects I haven't been posting as much. But that soon will change. As I get caught up on all of the hussle and bussle I soon will have much more posts coming your way. I have a new DIY Chandelier shade coming your way. And this isn't your typical shade!  I have an order coming in from Z Gallerie coupled with an amazing find at a thrift store and TJ Maxx that makes a very high style black and white mantel. I can't wait to post it! I also have a really decorative project you can do to beautify your doors and provide more privacy at the same time. All of that and more coming up this month!

So, stay tuned! I'm a little late on the chandelier shade I said I would have ready this week. The Hobby Lobby was out of something I needed! I'll have at least a couple of projects finished this week. So, stay tuned as I get caught up!